BRAD Ultra Peel Maximum Performance Exfoliating Gel

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BRAD Ultra Peel Maximum Performance Exfoliating Gel

By Leslie

I was very excited to test out the new Ultra Peel Maximum Performance Exfoliating Gel ($175) from BRAD. As a middle aged woman, 51 to be exact, I will take any help I can get to fight the signs of aging. My skin is what I would call combination, a little oily in my t zone and pretty normal everywhere else. I am starting to get somewhat of a " chicken neck", and have severe hyperpigmentation on my neck as well. Apparently I don't practice what I preach with sunscreen.

I really like the bottle that BRAD uses. According to his website, the violet colored bottle keeps the damaging rays from light out and lets the violet light in, which continues to activate and energize the molecules in the formula keeping the ingredients stable longer.

The directions advise to use daily in the morning on a clean face. I found the serum to be very easy to apply and it spread very easily. There was no noticeable fragrance. I feel it absorbed very quickly and left no sticky feeling. I followed up with my moisturizer and sunblock. According to the directions, sunblock is very important because the fruit acids make your skin more prone to sunburn. I really like that BRAD uses no parabens, sulfates, dyes or perfumes and is never tested on animals. I love that skincare companies are finding that nature is full of things that translate into amazing skincare products.

I was really hoping for a reduction in my hyperpigmentation on my neck, but maybe this product isn't targeted enough for the damage I have. But, I am happy to say the rest of my face and neck really responded well. My lip lines and crows feet really seem to be diminished. My pores definitely seem smaller and my face overall seems so much smoother and fresh looking. After 30 days I still have about. 3/4 of the bottle left, so a little really hoes a long way which helps with the hefty price tag. All in all I would give this 4 stars due to my hyper pigmentation still being the same.